Despite the high standards and high quality of supplementary services, we are very grounded and our pricing is affordable to everyone. We value each Client, whether it is a multinational corporation or a one-time translation of a private letter. We offer our Clients the ideal price/quality ratio.

The price of translation depends on different circumstances. It is influenced by the complexity and quantity of the text, language combination, individual requirements, urgency of translation, notarial and judicial verification, or work on graphic design.

Translation without official verification from 390 Kč per Word
Translation with official verification from 450 Kč per Normpage
Proofreading from 195 Kč per Word
Notary services and Apostille from 50 Kč per A4
Graphic design services from 700 Kč per Graphic Designer’s hour

We prepare all price quotations relating to Interpreting individually based on staff and technical conditions. Pricing structure in this case is more complex and therefore we cannot determine a final price without the necessary information.


You can find all the necessary information about Interpreting through the following contact details. We will be happy to prepare a price quotation for you.
+420 731 251 600

Just fill in and Submit

Fill in a simple form and we will send you a price quotation immediately. Make sure all information provided is correct. You can upload multiple documents in any format for up to 10MB. All you have to do is enter all the specifications and submit the form.